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Commissioners of assam 182874 in 1828, western assam was incorporated into the province of bengal, followed by the rest of assam in 1833. Enriched by many dynastic traits, the land of assam remains one of the most enticing states of india. Scholars and writers of the community will sit together in upper assams sivasagar district this weekend to prepare the book. With illustrations and map writtenauthorededited by colonel l. Tea from assam, glimpses of india part 3 class 10 english. The first english weekly the times of assam was printed from the radhanath press in dibrugarh and the first issue came out on 5 january 1895. I purchased the book after finding an excerpt of the first chapter online for free. Gauhati university established in the year 1948 16 first medical college of assam. It discuss the history of the colonial province of assam which included most of modern assam meghalaya nagaland mizoram and arunachal pradesh. Glimpses of india tea from assam class 10 cbse english lesson. Upto this time their weapons consisted of swords,spears and bows and arrows. I mean its very tough to find books about the past of specific state of india unless theyve some sort of famous tragedies. Pdf download for assam general knowledge2018 gkwala.

It discuss the history of the colonial province of assam which included most of modern assam. Introduction the history of assam has passed several stages of development to reach to its present state. Modern history of assam brief british annexation of assam. Assam gk covers assam history, culture, polity, economics, geography, general studies etc with apsc books, apsc question papers and other assam government previous year question papers also in pdf. A history of assam sir edward albert gait snippet view 1926. The name assam is derived from the word asama, meaning peerless in the now extinct ahom language. Chaolung sukaphaa founder of ahom kingdom in assam. Tea drinking becomes very popular at court, inspiring the custom of tribute tea, whereby tea growers donate their very best tea to the emperor and the imperial court. Assam history chronology of events of ancient, medieval and modern period. A recommended read to get a snapshot of indias incredibly long. Sukapha and establishment of ahom kingdom in assam. This novel is the untold tragic history of chinese settlers.

Sutiyas were defeated in 1527 which indicated that the sutiyas were the first to use gunpowder in assam. The book a history of assam is a process of enq uiry in assam. The first conference of assam sahitya sabha was held at a jorhat b tinsukia c tezpur d sivasagar 7. A large building was then erected of bamboos and grass, with a raised bamboo platform. History study material for apsc mains exam assam exam. State information in the brahmaputra valleythe chutiya, kachari and the koch state. It almost just a laundry list of kingdoms, rulers, wars, and a small bit about society in general. The first draft of the national register of citizens nrc which was published on july 30, 2018, updated for the first time since 1951, left out over 40 lakh people in assam. Assam medical college, dibrugarh established in the yeat 1947. Page 35 sent 100,000 horsemen well equipped to assam, but the whole army perished in that land of witchcraft and not a trace of it was left. Assam buranji or history of assam internet archive.

Although invaded over the centuries, it was never a vassal or a colony to an external power until the third burmese invasion in 1821, and, subsequently. Online study material for history optional papers of apsc mains exam. As per history of assam by edward gait, the first usage of gunpowder by ahoms date back to their war against turbak in 1532. The first book on tea, the cha ching the classic of tea, written by the poet lu yu is published. The neighboring states of arunachal pradesh, nagaland, mizoram, and meghalaya were once part of assam.

It is the assamese adaptation of ancient tamil character kannagi. A commissioner of assam was appointed, subordinate to the governor of bengal. Aug 19, 2018 so, basically you want historical novels on assam. The assam sahitya sabha was first founded in the year a 1917 b 1907 c 1918 d 1920 6. Pdf download for assam history general knowledge, assam history gk pdf download, this pdf file for assam gk and best gk for the competitive exam. Aug 27, 2019 tea from assam, glimpses of india part 3 class 10 english first flight book chapter 7 this channel is for all learners who are enthusiastic about getting more help and perform better in the. This is really a very bare bones outline of the history of assam in northeast india. The meet has been organised by deori sahitya sabha, a literary body that has been working for development of deori. Pdf download for assam history general knowledge gkwala. Sutiyas were defeated in 1527 which indicated that the sutiyas were the first. The history of assam can be traced to the 4th century ad, though relics from beyond this period suggests some kind of a prehistory, through cave paintings, etchings on pots etc. Aug 22, 2011 written by indias first prime minister when he was in prison 19421946, this book traces indias history starting from the indus valley civilization. Also, the explanation is followed by a summary of the lesson.

The first company that was set up for growing and making this tea was the assam tea company, started in the year 1839. Appears in 10 books from 19061972 page iv ahoins wore endowed with the historical faculty in a very high degree. A history of assam sir edward albert gait full view 1906. Assam accord 1985 assam movement or assam agitation. Apsc prelims notes are designed by apsc toppers and other civil servants. Assam history speaks of the traditions and cultures of the oldest periods of human civilizations. Glimpses of india part 3 tea from assam class 10 english first flight lesson detailed explanation of the lesson along with meanings of difficult words.

The history of assam is the history of a confluence of people from the east, west, south and the north. The books was translated into assamese by popular assamese author, poet and politician hem barua. Assam is the largest tea producing state in india, accounting to almost 50 percent of the total production. Which of the following was the first assamese novel written by dr.

It really is not a very enlightening book because it gives very little of the story and the big picture behind its unique history. This page will deals with assam current affairs gk question answers that means student of assam state can get their latest general knowledge question on their states, villages, cities e. Redirected from list of governors of assam this is a list of governors of assam, and other offices of similar scope, from the start of british occupation of the area in 1824 during the first angloburmese war. Buy a comprehensive history of assam book online at low. The charyapadas have almost been referred to as the earliest example of assamese literature. Click on the below link for note on assam history part 3. From prehistoric to independence and strategy to cover it for apsc prelims and mains exam art,handicrafts and paintings forms of assam british rule in assam constitution and reorganization of assam fairs and festivals of assam folk dances of assam folk songs of assam former princely states of assam and zamindaris. It was edited by radhanath changkakoti, who with the help of the chief surgeon of lakhimpur district, dr. This novel is the untold tragic history of chinese. In this book u ll find the real true story how nagas was tortured by indian army and the cries of nagas. Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like assam psc, panchayat, apdcl, pnrd etc.

About the book this text cover an important period in the history of modern northeast india from the treaty of yandabo in 1826 that marked the beginning of british expansion in the region till partition in 1947. Bengali, oriya and assamese form the easternmost group of the indo aryan languages, and they have a common source in magadhi apabhramsa, the principal dialect that developed for the old eastern prakrit. This is a comprehensive history with good detail of operations in the chin hills, naga hills, abor, lushai etc. History of upper assam, upper burmah, and north eastern frontier book.

The kingdom reached its traditional extent, from the karatoya in the west to sadiya in the east. The isbn 9788121205870 is assigned to the hardcover version of this title. Assam and the making of assam, wrote a fullfledged history of a land totally new to him. The notable rulers who once existed in assam include ahoms and kiratas. The historical account of assam begins with the establishment of pushyavarmans varman dynasty in the 4th century in the kamarupa kingdom, which marks the beginning of ancient assam. This book has been a touchstone for the illustrious scholars and had always been referred to as a pristine form of primordial assams history. This text cover an important period in the history of modern northeast india from the treaty of yandabo in 1826 that marked the beginning of british expansion in the region till partition in 1947. The present name assam derives from the name of a sinotibetan tribe, the ahoms, who came from north burma and conquered eastern assam in 1228 a. Indian culture, ancient and modern history of india. The capital, formerly shillong, was shifted to dispur in 1972. Birendra kumar baruah to receive sahitya akademi award. It gives a detailed account of the period ranging from the coming of the aryans to the establishment of the british empire. The deori community in assam is going to have the first book on its history. Assam valley literary award winner bhabendranath saikia 1990 bharat ratna gopinath bordoloi 1999, posthumously bibliography asomiya puthir talika devananda bharali, 1912 bismilla khan award winner sukracharya rabha 2010 book that received sahitya academy award bonphool jatindranath duwarah, 1955 bridge on the brahmaputra.

Prehistoric assam neolithic period and sites in assam political conditions of the brahmaputra valley at the time of foundation of the ahom kingdom. Book from the archaeological survey of india central archaeological library, new delhi. The naga saga by kaka d iralu a historical account of 62 years indonaga war and the story were never allowed to tell it. Glimpses of india tea from assam class 10 cbse english. Phulaguri uprising of 1861 or phulaguri dhawa patharughatar rann of 1894 or patharughat massacre cunningham circular of 1930. The first oil reserves of india were discovered in assam in the late 19 th century and thats why assam is one of the large and old petroleum resources. Don not forget to check the following topics month wise current affairs 2019 national question answers international current affairs 2019. Detailed notes for indian history specifically designed notes for apsc prelims paper notes developed by toppers can be bought at minimum price in pdf or printed format detailed topicwise apsc prelims gk notes for apsc prelims exam are provided for free browsing. Deoris in assam to pen their history for first time. A critical and comprehensive history of assam during the first four centuries of ahom rule, based on original assamese sources, available both in india and england. History of upper assam, upper burmah, and north eastern.

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